Light Gate

between day
and night

By far the master piece of the current collection by its size and originality. This extraordinary object symbolizes the passage between day and night.


of diameter

By its spherical shape and its overlays of geometric shapes, it is the alliance between the feminine and the masculine.


Light Gate
Light Gate

the gate

Ambivalence of shadow and light.

The way between day and night

Light Gate

Technical datas:

Diameter : 2.80m
Width of the circle : 100cm
Base : Length 1.4m x Width 60cm
Weight : 150kg
Materials : Aluminium, Plexiglass
Protection : Class 1
Index : IP65/IP67
Power supply : 90-230VAC 50/60hz
Power : 82W
Standard : CE
Warranty : 1 year

Price : On request

Made in France

Technical sheet:

Standard colors:

Withe | Pink | Black | Metal grey

Couleurs de base

Custom colors:

Chameleon | Chrome | Gold

Couleurs sur demande

Screws colors:

Couleurs vis

LED colors:

Couleurs LED
Schéma Light Gate