Art Mirror

Reflected light
into infinity

Conceptual piece of art. It represents an reflection of light into infinity.


of height

Combining glass, LED, and aluminum diffusing a soft and captivating light into the evening.

Soft and

Art Mirror
Art Mirror


Let your desire speak.

You have the possibility to choose
the word who will appear in the mirror
once night has fallen.

Technical datas:

Height : 2m
Width : 65cm
Base : 80cm x 60cm
Weight : 70kg
Materials : Aluminium, Glass
Protection : Class 1
Index : IP67
Power supply : 90-230VAC 50/60hz
Power : 60W
Standard : CE
Warranty : 1 year

Price : On request

Made in France

Technical sheet:

Standard colors:

Withe | Pink | Black | Metal grey

Custom colors:

Chameleon | Chrome | Gold | Graffiti

Couleurs sur demande

Screws colors:

Couleurs vis

LED colors:

Couleurs LED
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