This first collection is part  futuristic, contemporary,  dimension, mixing the sculptural with graphic design, the projective perspective, the brilliance
of Street art.

« Our lamps are made with our heart
and make us: the craftsmen
of the lighting art. »

Eric & Raphaëlle Martino

The Sun

The Sun

This lamp is inspired by the shape of the closest star in our solar system. Like a single grain of star dust suspended in air. Well-rounded and feminine, it is composed of an aluminum circle in which is embedded brilliant luminosity reflected against the sea.

Crystal Tower

Like a glowing crystal, this warm light hugs you shining from inside. Like the end of a day at the beach that warm glow that makes everything beautiful.…

Crystal Tower
Art Mirror

Art Mirror

Part street art, concept piece and sculptural work. This light fixture repeats into infinity giving a vibrant visual show. Technically combining glass, LED and aluminum diffuses …

Light Gate

The master piece of the current collection, by its size and originality.
This massive object symbolizes the passage between day and night
by its spherical shape

Light gate